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We believe everyone can thrive in sexual pleasure. Let's break the stigma and normalize the perception of female sexuality.

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Sex coaches, educators, feminists, orgasmic advocates, mothers, daughters, friends, vulva-owners love our fun toys. Shop with them and you deserve the pleasure as well. 

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ZALO is a collection of ornate, high-end adult products with eye-catching aesthetic at the forefront of every piece. With details like gold plating, jewelry-grade manual enamel processing, real Swarovski crystal touches and silky dow corning food-level silicone, every product is a feast for the eyes as much as it is your other senses. 


We-Vibe® designs and manufactures world-leading couples and solo pleasure products. Our world-class engineers and industrial designers work closely with sexual wellness experts, doctors and consumers to design and develop intimate products that work in sync with the human body. We-Vibe is a part of WOW Tech Group.


UPKO is the new high-end trend in erotic luxury. Recognized worldwide for the quality of our products and the various patents registered, UPKO is since 2019 a must for Bondage and BDSM accessories, lingerie, and the hottest gift sets. UPKO uses leather from one of the biggest suppliers in Italy, used by GIVENCHY and other top brands.

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All the tips and tricks that we want to share with you to help you discover your sexuality, answer your questions, and to empower you. 

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