1. Improves sleep

Whether spooning all night long or just cuddling with your partner for 10 minutes before you go to sleep - trigger your body to release oxytocin that helps you fall asleep faster and have better sleep.

2. Physical touch reduces anxiety

Science is showing oxytocin has the ability to lower anxiety, even in severe anxiety disorders such as social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. 

3. Lower the risk of heart disease

Stress, anxiety, chronic inflammation, and high blood pressure – all risk factors for heart disease – are lowered when your body releases oxytocin. So, in honor of your health, cuddle away!

4. Strengthens immune system 

Ever wondered what was behind that feeling of butterflies in your stomach? Look no further than oxytocin – just one more example of how your gut really is your “second brain.” Your T-regulatory cells, which are responsible for keeping your immune system balanced, are boosted when there is an increase in oxytocin.

5. Oxytocin eases chronic pain

Just as it boosts your immune system, cuddling and releasing oxytocin will decrease your pain levels. It’s like whenever your neck hurts, you rub it. Even simple touches like that release enough oxytocin to make you feel better, so imagine the effect cuddling has — a full body contact with another human.

6. Cuddling strengthens relationships

Communication and love are important in relationships. And sometimes a soft touch could be effective and meaningful as well. Imagine when you are experiencing a hard time in life, and your partner or your family give you a hug or cuddle with you, or even just simply rub your back, you will for sure feel much better. 

7. It promotes mothers bonding 

Oxytocin is in relation to childbirth and breastfeeding. This chemical doesn’t just inspire good feelings between couples; it also works for women and their babies. Oxytocin helps relax the mother, so that breastfeeding may come more easily.

8. It boosts your sexual and relationship satisfaction

And, last but certainly not least, cuddling boosts your sexual and relationship satisfaction — especially if you have kids. Cuddling more after sex was associated with higher sexual and relationship satisfaction, even three months after the study period. The study also found that effects were more pronounced for women than men and that couples with children reported even higher benefits than childless couples. 

I don’t need any more excuses to love cuddling. It’s one of my favourite activities of all time with my significant other. With the never-end COVID-19 situation that forces people to keep distances, I hope we can soon bring back all the physical touches between us - handshake, back rubbing, hug and cuddle.