As we advocate enjoying the whole sexy action of intimacy, to normalize sex doesn’t have to end with orgasm, and sexy solo time with fantastic adult toys, we also want to clear the myth of having multiple orgasms for women. It is not fictional and completely feasible. Because women don’t fall to the post-orgasm resolution phase as quickly as a man does, it’s easier for us to climb back up and have further orgasms in succession. 

The National Orgasm Day (July 31) is fast approaching, here are the 9 simple tips that recommended by sex experts on how to improve the chances of having multiple orgasms. We kept this blog post short, sweet and straight to the point. 

1. Do the Kegal exercises

It is the same logic how to maintain our physical bodies - the more exercise you do, the better you can enjoy sports. If your pelvic floor muscle is toned and fit, it works better, pumping even more blood to the pelvis (which is great for arousal) and making stronger contractions for longer, more intense orgasms.

The exercise cannot be simpler - squeeze the muscle you use to hold back urine, hold it for two seconds, then release. Do this 20 times, three times per day. To learn more about Kegel balls, here is A Quick Guide About Kegel Balls

2. Work on "peaking" techniques

Good things come to those who wait. So does anyone who doesn't rush straight into an orgasm. Teach yourself to plateau and gradually develop to the final moment. This includes steps such as setting yourself into the mood, waiting for your arousal to subside, then climbing back up again. This train of excitement follows a wavy orgasm pattern like a rollercoaster, rather than one linear path. 

Don’t forget to take deep breaths to help you maneuver. No rush.

3. Develop orgasm triggers 

Having sex is not entirely an orgasm trigger. It is more about learning about other smaller signs that indicates you are about to have an orgasm, such as your breathing. The more warning your brain gets, the more it will be able to summon the response when you want it. 

Focus on what you naturally do on approach to orgasm, then exaggerate it. If you breathe heavier and faster, breathe even heavier the next time you are about to climax to convey the message to your brain “aha deep heavy breathing combined with toe flexing means she is about to orgasm!” 

4. Use different stimulation 

No one likes to be bored in bed, especially your brain. Don’t expect yourself to orgasm again and again with the same stimulation. Mix things up a bit and make it fun. If you have your first via intercourse, you have got more change having another through oral sex. A third might be achievable through you masterbate yourself. The third one might be the hardest to have, so reach out for help if you need - sex toys

5. Take a moment to relax

Give yourself a brief moment for relaxation but to switch off your body and go to sleep. Stay in the moment, keep your head full of distinctly inappropriate thoughts before the next round. This is what mindfulness is all about. You can take the break to talk to your partner about what you want to do next, or how amazing the last round is. Just do anything that keeps yourself turned on. 

6. Breathe with intentions

Don’t forget, as the relaxing time is like an intermission to the next intense round of orgasm and we try to stay mindful of the orgasm we want to have. But, do take breaths, don’t starve your brain of oxygen. Continuing to breathe deeply through orgasm is recommended by spiritual sex devotees who claim it means you are more likely to be able to have a second one. 

7. Don’t rush into it 

The golden rule to keep in mind when you think you are ready to practice having multiple orgasms with your partner (or by yourself) is - don’t rush into it. Singular or multiple orgasm, you still want to start it off in the right way - the lube, the ambient lighting, the scented candles, the sex toys, the lingeries, etc. 

Your body will be much more sensitive after your first orgasm, which means carrying on with heavy stimulation straight away can be painful. And we don’t want that. 

8. Don’t forget about your partner 

We have talked about enough female orgasms and yes, women's bodies are definitely much more complicated than men. But don’t neglect your partner or whoever you are in bed with, especially as they may already have their orgasm and not be feeling in the mood for round two. 

Women’s capacity to experience multiple orgasms depends on how relaxed and in tune with her body she is, how motivated her partner is, and how little they both have to do. If one of them is not in the mood or having a hard time getting into the mood, don’t force it. It should be natural and make people happy. 

9. Practice makes perfect

As with all things in life, if you want to get good, you put in effort to practise repetitively. Each orgasm will feel more intense than the one before it, and the more your practice the easier you will find it to reach the second, and third, and fourth. But don’t give yourself too much pressure if you only see a tiny improvement after a while. Our bodies are built differently. The most important things are consistently practicing and enjoying the process.