1. Who are you buying it for?

First things first, are you buying this toy for yourself or somebody else? Are they males or females? Some toys are unisex, some are not. Narrow down to the demographics and we move on.

2. How do you want to play with the toy?

Also, ask yourself, how do you want to play with the toy? Do you want to use it externally or internally? Do you want to stimulate one part of all over the body? Which way do you feel more comfortable or you want to explore something new? Nowadays, more and more toys are multifunctional (like our Cuddly Bird and Sparkler-4) that can easily achieve more multiple goals with a single toy. You also need to know the basic rules for their categories. For example, anal toys should always have a flat base. Duh.

3. To vibe or not to vibe, that is the question.

Vibrating toys are very popular, but it doesn’t mean you have to go with something that vibrates. It’s all personal preferences. You need to think about if you need this toy to be strong or waterproof which most of the silicone or glass toys are waterproof. Shape, it’s another thing you need to think about before you start to explore.

4. Material, material, material

Sex toys come in so many materials!! Hard plastic, skin-safe rubber, glass, silicone, metal and many more! Think about what you and your partner like in particular material, you also need to consider allergies. For example, some toys do contain latex or perhaps even nickel. Clearly, if you have an allergy to one of those, it’s better to stay away from them.

Additionally, we always recommend you use lubricant with any sex toys. And just bear in mind that not all lubes are compatible with all toys. Oil-based, water-based, vegan oil, etc. Too much work to do research? Go with water-based lube, it’s safe with everything and easy to wash off.

5. Price

As with most things, money and quality tend to go in hand-in-hand. However, that’s not saying you can’t grab yourself a bargain especially during the sale seasons.

If your budget allows, we recommend to go with the “shop once, shop well” strategy. The initial cost might be higher than average prices, but it lasts a much longer time, safe for your body. The advanced technology can guarantee the pleasure you can have. Most of the luxury toys are rechargeable, it saves your time and money to buy batteries and it’s good for the environment. Buying a high-quality toy is like an investment.

6. Tastes and preferences

When you are browsing websites, you know immediately what you like. But if you are shopping for your friend, it can be tricky. Does this person have a favourite colour? Do you know whether they like realistic toys? Is he/she a tactile person? Consider who you are buying for and don’t overwhelm the user.

A booty-call plug can be cute as a gist, but an unrealistic giant dildo might be inappropriate for your friend. Some people might be adventurous, some people might struggle that they need to get rid of a bad adult toy without leaving their fingerprints on the box.

If you are buying for first time user, it’s best to stay with something simple and cute (like the Cuddly Bird toy).