No vulva-owner can survive from the orgasms generated by the Cuddly Bird toy.

This is your ultimate guide of this mind-blowing toy - its original design team, the founding company, and of course the protagonist Cuddly Bird.



The Cuddly Bird toy has been everywhere on the internet and all kinds of influencers’ Instagram feeds since it was debuted back in 2019. We are not exaggerating, but if you are a vulva-owner and you haven’t tried it, you are missing out big time; if you have a vulva-owner partner and you haven’t gotten one for your partner to try, you are missing out too! That shaky, sweaty, and satisfying moment will no longer be just something on your wishlist. Yeah, the clit orgasm.
Cuddly Bird was designed by InDare, a design strategy company based in Shenzhen, China which is the silicon valley in China. InDare is a word combination of “invent” and “dare” combined meaning they aim to invent new technologies like a daredevil, full encourage and no fear.

indare design


This company was founded in 2015 and they focus on branding strategy, comprehensive marketing research and analysis, product innovation, and spatial experience design. Total employees including domestic and international are 150 people. Their creative directors and team leads are experienced pioneers who actively working in the design, branding, digital marketing, and spatial innovation industry. Since 2015, they had won more than 190 domestic and international awards, including the most famous German RedDot Design Award.

indare design awards 

The Cuddly Bird was born in the InDare house and they really kept the promise to “product innovation”. And the founding company that hired InDare was the Osuga, formerly known as Courage&Wisdom (C&W). They did rebrand in November 2020.

osuga logo
Osuga was also founded in 2015 (Is 2015 a good year to be entrepreneurial? Joke!) as a sexual wellness brand that focuses on bringing pleasure to females. They are dedicated to combining aesthetically pleasant design and powerful functionalities into each product from their factory. Their mission is to help vulva-owners to explore their sexuality, the pleasure of self-love, and the beautiful connection of human intimacy. Women have been carrying so many shames around them and Osuga is one of those advocates that working hard to eliminate the shame around women.

Sex toy to be cute, powerful, discreet, and ergonomic? We got you, my ladies.

Cuddly Bird is the only English name that Osuga authorized and its original Chinese name is 逗豆鸟 which means this bird is to tease the magical “pea”. Since its depute, Cuddly Bird has won so many international design awards including:

2019 RedDot Design Award  2019 Golden Pin Design Award  2020 IDSA Design Award Bronze  SDAY Award 2020

cuddly bird design awards

Cuddly Buddy Collection is one of the authorized distributors that work directly with Osuga. Any products you can find from Osuga’s website, we have access to ship those products to you as well. The available products are Cuddly Bird, G-Spa, and the Moonflow.
cuddly bird, g-spa and moonflow

Let’s talk about this amazing bird that makes women scream from the clit orgasms – yes, multiple of them.

Safety always comes first. Cuddly Bird is made by ABS/silicone materials which are as smooth and soft as human skin. People use this toy on their genitals, there is no room to compromise the quality in this area. One tip when you are shopping for sex toys online, always choose the ones that are made by ABS/silicone than other materials, because it’s safer for your body. The waterproof level is IPX6 which can be taken into showers. However, bath​ing ​is not recommended. You can wash the toy after use under running water which is highly recommended. Keeping your sex toys dry and clean is more important than hiding it inside of your drawer.

cuddly bird in its cage
The whole design of the Cuddly Bird appearance is very ergonomic and needs to be greatly appreciated. The size and the shape of the toy are petite and fit women’s palms perfectly. The bird “tummy” part will gently press again the pubic area when the clit suction mode is on and you rotate the bird upside down to reach your clit area.

cuddly bird in hand
The bird “mouth” is the suction part integrated with the advanced Sonic pulsation technology to generate airflow and suction to stimulate the clit. This is the key of all orgasms - the pulsation. It’s so powerful and strong that it could transfer the stimulation from outside of the clit into its core and wake up those 8,000 nerves and conjure up a fantastic orgasm for women.

To start using the toy, turn it on from level one and scoop the “mouth” on your clit. Slowly maneuver until you find the magical spot. Even vulva anatomy tells us that clitoris is at the same location for all women. However, with clit suction toy you need to explore that spot that works best for you which sometimes might be a bit off-center or even at a lower spot than you expected.
The night lamp is also the magnetic charging station which is the only way you can charge the toy. This is the most innovative add-on feature of this product. Besides being a multi-functional sex toy with both suction and vibration modes, the night lamp/charging base was a totally pleasant surprise.

cuddly bird toy night lamp
Unlike the traditional perception of the sex toy, the appearance of the Cuddly Bird is absolutely discreet. Not only the technology is used is innovative, but the design of the entire product is also pioneering and completely changed the whole adult industry. Macaroon colors with petite bird-looking design, plus the night lamp to help set up the mood before your solo or your intimate time with your partner. Leave the bird on its stand would be a new attitude to advocate for normalizing female sexuality, normalizing exploring sexuality and your body.

cuddly bird toy, g-spa toy
We are really proud to be part of the Osuga family to distribute pleasure and fabulous sex toys to help people explore sexuality, body, and intimacy. Without intimacy, we are all lonely and miserable. It’s love that makes us strong, of course, self-love always comes first.

cuddly bird toy