Cuddly Bird Toy

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Morgan (United States)
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Strong toy for a quick O

I got my cuddly buddy about a month ago (I like to get to know my toys before writing a review). I am very happy with it! It's outside is super soft and a little squishy which is so much nicer then hard plastic. I did have a bit of an adjustment period at the beginning because the suction is WAY stronger than my last one. And I mean STRONG! Half the time I don't even have to go past the first setting! I find the vibration part is definitely weaker but it's still nice, especially when you back and forth between suction and vibration.

Jennis (United States)
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Better than I expect!

The package actually arrived earlier than expected. I was so happy I ordered before the Christmas traffic jam. The toy has a very smooth body and the size fits my hand perfectly. I have to admit it was my first time trying this kind of sonic pulsation and IT IS THE BEST ORGASM I EVER HAD!! Put a towel underneath, my friendly reminder. Highly recommend!!!

erotica_peach (Canada)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
The best!

I am genuinely impressed with this product. I have used other clit suction and vibrator and this is one of the best! I must say the suction is extremely good and the levels and options they have are really nice. It feels extremely satisfying.

The design is what caught my attention at first, the packaging, the charging/resting platform and the bird design is just so cute. The material is super soft and the battery lasts very long!

I do have to admit that this product is more focused on the clit suction and not the vibration even though it has a good vibration too.

Me and my partner truly love it. It adds a lot of fun to the action! I definitely recommend it :)

K.M. (Netherlands)
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Mind blowing!!! Great quality, excellent experience

Victor Li (Canada)
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Wow, just wow

I found CuddlyBuddly on IG and I'm so impressed by the customer service and the product itself. The team was super helpful in answering my questions and the toy itself is just incredible. I've been using it with my partner and it's been really improving our sex/life balance. It's such a comfortable and ergonomic design and it's so soft. I think it's hilarious that it doubles as a night lamp, very multi-functional. Anyways, this is the best toy I've ever had and I just had to leave a review for others.

Roselisa (Germany)
Age: 29
Perfect Nice

Good for us, sweet Product nice Brand

JC (Canada)
Age: 35
THIS is Why The Caged Bird Sings

This cuddly Bird truly exceeded all expectations. Where was this years ago?! Everything from the packaging, the base, ambient light as well as the product itself are pleasing to the eye. I haven't yet moved past the first level but gee wiz, outer body experience!

Kelly L (Canada)
From being Skeptical to Satisfied

My friend referred me Cuddly Buddy and I was skeptical in the beginning. I did some research on the brand and read more feedback. I am sooooo glad I finally got it. I fell in love with the sophisticated and tasteful design first. It has became one of the decors in my place. I underestimated the power of the little birdy. Wow, Oh Wow!! I have never experienced that kind of pleasure and it’s quite addicting. Now the little birdy is part of my essentials and I cannot wait to take it with me and travel the world 😊

Lisa Lh. (Canada)

I mean, isn't this the cutest sex toy ever? And the ambient night lamp! Believe it or not, we got 2 because we couldn't figure out which colour we want. They are both so cute! The size is just perfect for my hand to hold it and it's super quiet. The most important thing is the stimulation mode is CRAZYYY. I tried a few times already, and it's ORGASM GUARANTEED. No kidding. I love the whole design is really blending in my nightstand setting to normalize the perception of sex toys. WELL DONE!

RT (United Kingdom)
Never has this experience before...

I never thought about this little cutie could bring me to the haven before I used it. Obviously the toy is really designlish, and the macaron colors spent me a long time to choose.The bird toy feels like a sweet friend will never put me into an embarrassing place, even I just left it on my bedside. The vibration has different levels, but all gentle and soft. The package is good and delivery fast than I imaged. I received it in 5days after purchased. By the way I’m in the UK. So girls don’t be hesitate, don’t miss your happiness.