About Us

feminist, self-care, aesthetic, inspiring, confident, independent,

and love.


Who Are We?

RosaLada Intimate is a female-owned, female-run and pleasure-focused company that is dedicated to bringing tasteful and playful luxurious adult toys to the community. 

RosaLada Intimate is an imaginary friend of ours. She is beautiful inside out, kind, sexy, has a curious mind for adventures, sensitive and compassionate, sometimes strong and sometimes confused by the chaotic world just like all of us. She is someone you could trust and reach out to when you are in need. She inspires people to be brave, to explore. She is a good friend for all of us. 

Rosa means rose in Italian, French and a few other languages. Lada, in Slavic mythology, means the goddess of beauty, love and marriage. RosaLada is here to bring you the rosy love and beauty for life. 

Illustration artist: Carla Llanos
Instagram @carlallanosillustrations



Our Missions

We thrive to normalize the perception of female sexuality, to assist all individuals exploring their own/their partners’ body, sexuality and spirituality. We also stand in solidarity to fight for menstrual poverty. We are here with the mission to elevate people, one toy at a time.

We are also here to educate more people about menstrual equity and support ending menstrual poverty for the women who are suffering worldwide.

We are here to break the taboo and stigma with no shameful feelings.

Illustration artist: Levy
Instagram @levysfriends



Why Do We Do?

Women's and men’s sexual health is at the same level of importance for overall emotional and physical well-being. A fulfilling sexual experience and sex life improves your sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety. But achieving a healthy and satisfying sex life doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice to self-reflect and have honest communication with yourself and your partner. Talking about sexuality can be difficult, but it’s a topic well worth addressing and we are working hard to make it easier.

While we are improving our experience of sex, we also want to raise awareness to more people that women still suffering from menstrual poverty. Menstruation is part of human nature that only women need to experience every month for over 40 years in their lives. Premenstrual syndrome, hormonal changes, hot flashes and cramps, no women chose to have them in their lives but just because they are women, that comes within this package. It is absolutely essential for women to maintain menstrual hygiene for their health.

And we women need to help out each other. 

Illustration artist: Maggie Stephenson
Instagram @_maggiestephenson_



What Can We Do For you?

We design and bring innovative, tasteful and playful female adult toys that cover almost every category for you to explore and have fun. Our designer-approved standard is set by all the international design awards in the world.

Illustration artist: Sacrée Frangine
Instagram @sacree_frangine