Do I need lubricant to use the toy? 

Yes, thousand times yes and always. Always have a bottle of water-based lubricant in your nightstand and use toys with it. 


What kind of battery will I need to use?

All of our toys are rechargeable with a charging station which is much better for the environment and more convenient to use. 


Are batteries included with my purchase?

Yes, all the charging stations are included in each package with its cable. You need to prepare the adapter. 


Are the toys safe to use?

Product safety and quality are our top priorities. We take sexual pleasure for women very seriously.

We work with world-leading adult toy manufactures and designers, they religiously followed the safety standards. Our products are totally safe for women’s bodies.

Material safety certifications are available upon request.


Will I be satisfied with the toys?

All of our clitoris suction toys are 100% guaranteed to have an orgasm as the sonic pulsation technology is super powerful to stimulate that 8,000 nerves. 

However, as much as we desire to support women to explore their sexuality and preferences, and we work super hard on selecting products with world-leading adult toy manufactures, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee anything else in your experience. Finding your true 'love' and practice with your body takes time and effort. We encourage you to play with the toys in different ways to find the erogenous zones on your or your partner’s body. 


How do I clean the toy?

We recommend cleaning the toy thoroughly before and after use with running water and simple soap or shampoo. Dry it with a clean towel after you clean it and store it in the pouch that comes within the package. 


How do I know if I can use the toy or not?

All our products are designed only for adults who are 18 years old or above. 

Pregnant wom e n or any person with cardiac pacemaker, diabetes, phlebitis, or thrombosis shall consult a medical specialist for the risk of blood clot before using any private massager products. 


Will I get any disease using the toys? 

In order to avoid any spread of disease, please do not share the product with others. 


I have questions that are not listed above. 

Please feel free to contact our Cuddly Assistant to help you.