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Frequently Asked Question

What kind of battery will I need to use?


It depends on the product you have. Some of our products has its built-in battery and charging station; some require one AAA battery, some two AA batteries. Please refer to your product manual or contact us if you are unsure.

Are batteries included with my purchase?


No, batteries are not included with your purchase. Batteries lose power from the moment they are manufactured. If we were to pre-purchase batteries and include them in the package, they would not be new when they reached you. This would not only reduce the number of hours you can use the product without replacing the battery, but it would unnecessarily increase battery waste which is harmful to the environment.

Are Cuddly Buddy collection products safe?


Product safety and quality are our top priorities. We take sexual pleasure for women very seriously. We work with world leading adult toy manufactures and designers , they religiously with the safety standards. Cuddly Buddy Collection products are totally safe for women’s bodies.

Material safety certifications are available upon request.

Will I be satisfied with Cuddly Buddy collection products?


As much as we desire to support women to explore their sexuality and preferences, and we work super hard on selecting products with world leading adult toy manufactures, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee anything on your experience. Finding your true 'love' and practice your body takes time and effort, we encourage you to play with your toys in different ways to achieve the best experience. ;)